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550th Prakash Purb





Coverpage – Tandrust Punjab







Exploration of Dreams, Destination & Desires

In count of vision our dreams and desires convey some sense of our personality. I owned so many dreams, in spam of time i rushed to few ones merely some vanished. Travelling  is 0ne of the best passion i explored in me exploring new places Interacting with new people, admiring different cultures energize my soul, motivate me to explore more and more. Nothing can be achieve without passion and willpower though for the key of success passion is not enough dedication ,hard work, focus and loyalty is required. with the spam of time I got to know Designing is my thing which turns into my passion and profession. everyday i learn from my experiences ,  visualizing so many ideas in a day…some creates magic ..some not but my energy of designing never faded . In every piece of work  i explored my identity and passion of success.






Happiness is eventually a feeling of a positive energies inside our soul. Happiness is a state of our mind, our emotions, our temperaments and psychology often defines how much happy we are. Happiness considered to a personal choice of an individual, what makes us happy depends on our priorities. We learn more about wellbeing by studying our strength and what makes us sad as well as happy. Whole life we Rome around the things which sometimes makes us sad, annoyed, anxious, depressed then only we turned our mind and run to find reasons which makes us happy.