What all we need is….Respect












I think respect is a vision that lies in our nature, nature of a person, nature of a society. We all born in different Environment, Culture, Religion from where we all get our identity, our nature, our values and the sense of giving respect to all. One thing that I learn in my life is that deserving respect has no age bar. Having respect is the right of each and every person of any age group, class and gender. I always wonder why things are changing in a wrong way. We bought up with some values, we learned to respect our relations, but why all our values are vanishing day by day … why humans are turning into monsters and killing their own children’s, why are they ruining the purity of relations.

Trust the key of every relationship is disappearing somewhere, now days it’s going to be very hard to trust people around us. This society is made by us. we are equally responsible for all bad and good it’s our responsibility to save our society from such evil thoughts. Right guidance and right environment helps us to behave in a right manner.

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