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Power of Light – Sunlight

One ray of light observes the beauty of darkness with a new hope, new imagination, new day. The whole sky turns blue to red, red to orange and welcoming the beginning of a new day. I always love the view of rising sun but I hardly saw the freshness of sunrise. First time I saw the beautiful sunrise in madhugiri in Karnataka that was the first  amazing experience I had. The beautiful colors emerging into sky around the round shape of sun was looked fabulous.

Sometimes I used to think that how important is it for us the presence, the ambiance, the value of light in our life. Do we ever think of rather feel the value, the importance, the tremendous power of sunlight for this world. According to Indian mythology sun is a god and people used to worship him but in our Science sun is a big star of the solar system and it’s a big source of light which gives life to this earth…in other words sun is god of our beautiful nature…but how long our nature will stay beautiful ? unfortunately we all are ruining our nature in some extent

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